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Agronomist Yossi Yitzchak, Director of Siach haSadeh envisions a SUR Project

Fall 2018

Agronomist Yossi Yitchaki, Director of Siach haSadeh, an educational farm in Binyamin, is excited at the prospect of working with StartUproots to implement and further develop curricula, hands-on learning, and experimenting with various hydroponic systems in order to progress the sustainable entrepreneurship movement.  

Fall 2018- 

1. Augmenting SUR's 2017 sprouting curriculum and hydroponic  project at Sha'ar Tzion in Neve Ya'akov, 

we will be installing our first indoor vertical hydroponic farm, which will enable us to expand our science, entrepreneurship and nutrition curricula.​

Sprouting curriculum in action

2.  Ra'anana Community Garden coming soon!

The Iriya of Ra'anana, the Moetzet Dati and Beit Knesset Ohel Ari have invited StartUpRoots to transform the unused space outside the local Ra'anana Mikva into a hydroponic community garden. The project will promote community interaction, empower hands-on learning and tzedakah and provide the opportunity for the first hydroponic community farmer's market. 

Matan (Machon Torani L'Nashim) shares StartUpRoots' enthusiasm for hands-on learning in this unique outdoor classroom environment and its belief that environmental education is a cornerstone of Jewish life, with rich material sourced in ancient Jewish texts. 

Leket shares StartUpRoots' passion for reducing waste and caring for at-risk populations. Hydroponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming and produces nutrient dense vegetables with virtually no waste in the field.  Leket has offered to assist StartUpRoots with the execution and operation of the community garden project.  ​

3. Announcing New Partnerships!

4. Announcing New Supporters!

StartUpRoots would like to acknowledge the support from Dor  Zalmanson (Zalmanson Fertilizers) and  Maor Cohen (Integral Hydroponics). 


Dor donated his time, know-how and materials and Maor donated his time, seeding materials, lighting, and instructional materials. Their help has been an important contribution to StartupRoots and has enabled us to help at-risk children in Jerusalem. 

Want to grow your food from seed?  Visit Maor Cohen at Integral Hydroponics as he has what you need and explains how to do it.  

Check this out! 

How to Get Started

 For additional hydroponic video lessons, click Here.

Maor Cohen Explains How to Seed

Want to grow your own vegetables at home?  Avoid the use of chemical pesticides and enjoy the new technology of the hydropot.  Available at Integral Hydroponics in Herzylia and Zalmanson Fertilizers in Hod ha Sharon.  

Watch this!  

Dor Zalmanson Introduces the Hydropot

Dor Zalmanson on Organic VS Synthetic Fertilizers 

Dor Zalmanson Explains When to Harvest

5.Progress Report!​

​Have a look at the progress we've made at various StartUpRoots projects:

Video update from Or Batya

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